22 – Women Can Sense Insecurity

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More real talk from Phoenix that you probably aren’t going to hear from other women (even if they are thinking it).

Women tend to be more energetically sensitive to men (not 100%, but a definite tendency). The energetic state you are holding in your body has a strong effect on how she experiences you, as well as, impacting what she is feeling in her own body.

She glides right past something at around the 1:00 mark that is actually really important. “That’s when I can open up and trust that you know yourself.” Notice those last words that she says almost as an afterthought.

You can be grounded, calm and confident, you can be playful, you can even be awkward. You can be any of these things when you are grounded in a knowing and trusting of yourself, and she’ll still tend to respond positively.

Presence: Being in your body, and staying in connection. That is the foundation of everything else. You can forget every ‘move’ in this series if you can stay present in your body and in connection.

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