01 – Welcome. My Promise to You

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Welcome. I really want you to get the most possible out of this training. The way for you to do that is to *not* just watch these videos, but rather to take what you see and hear and put it into practice until you have it integrated into your being.

A fighter doesn’t learn to be a champion by simply watching fight videos, he must get into the ring and practice practice, practice. Likewise, a world-class evolved lover doesn’t get that way just by watching videos, but by putting the things he sees into practice until he owns them.

As such, I have divided this course into 30 days, complete with practices for you to engage with and discussions to have with your partner, your lover, or potential lovers. If neither of those are available to you, have them with other females in your life who would be open to discussing these things with you!

It can help to keep a journal or online document to record the outcome of these discussion questions so you more fully integrate them.


  1. Get a journal and write in it.


–What do you want to get out of your engagement with this course?

(to ask a few females in your life)

–Would you be willing to have some discussions with me about intimacy and dating? (Make sure to state what your intentions are with that individual.

For example: “I’m not interested in being intimate with you, but I highly value your feedback.”

OR: “Full disclosure: I find you VERY attractive, and although I’d love to explore that with you, these discussions will be homework for a course I’m doing for myself and it’s not a sideways way to get into your pants.”

OR: “We’ve had such an amazing relationship so far, and I’m engaging with this course to uplevel my erotic expression, and I would love to have these frank discussions with you so I can get to know you better!”

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