04 – The One Thing That Always Works. Think Like an Artist

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Meet Phoenix. As you’ll witness over the course of this program, Phoenix is phenomenal. Beautiful, intelligent, sexy, radiant, and eloquent. You’ll be hearing a lot more from her as the program progresses. Learn to be the man who can give a quality woman like Phoenix the experiences she desires and deserves.

Learn the difference between creepy staring and gazing that feels good for you both.
Practice sinking deeper into your body when you are not with a woman so that it is easy for you to do so when you are with her.

Notice how I am holding her hand through this video to maintain a feeling of connection, and allowing my groundedness to help her remain calm in this unusual situation of us being filmed that otherwise may bring up nervousness in her.  In other words, your state of being influences her state of being. Cultivate groundedness.

The dominance she craves vs. the dominance she abhors.
Phoenix surrenders and lets go to my dominant energy quite a bit in this video and throughout the program. This is a dynamic that I intentionally cultivated with her from the start, rooted in creating deep trust and rapport. Creating that foundation of trust and safety opens up new worlds to explore together.

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