07 – The Jerk vs. the Nice Guy. Passionate Integration

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Do you play the nice guy or the bad boy? It’s a false dichotomy. There is a third way that draws on the best of what each of these archetypes has to offer. The fully integrated man that women are craving and that is all too rare.

If you are in the “Friend Zone”, You put yourself there!  You did it by denying your truth and stuffing your sexuality. I say this from a place of compassion, as I know what it is like to be there. We live in a world that teaches shame and guilt when it comes to sexuality. And the models that we do have around male sexuality are generally pretty broken. There *is* a better way! A way that will make you both happier and more fulfilled.

Own your value, your own worthiness, the fact that you are Enough and worthy of love, sex, and connection. This can prove to be a major process. Commit to it now, and trust in the journey.

I mention these things because I have worked with thousands of men, and I see versions of this come up again and again. Sometimes it is very obvious. Sometimes it is very slight. There is always an opportunity to look inward and ultimately grow. Perhaps, this isn’t your challenge. I invite you to simply ask yourself, how *might* there be any truth in this for you?

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