03 – Subconscious Communication

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Women are constantly giving you feedback. Words, Body posture, changes in sounds and even breathing.

Take things step-by-step.
There’s no failure, only feedback.

Tune into your five senses as gateways to get out of your head and being present in your body.

From this place, you will find and discover things that work best for you that may or may not look like what I share with you here.

Pay attention to what she is most responsive to, and explore that. While also exploring beyond that, as well.

I have ‘tasted the rainbow of flavors’ when it comes to women. And I share this with you to make a point. For all the differences between women throughout the world, there are also definite commonalities. Certain trends that I have noticed across a wide range of women from different cultures all around the world.

There is a confidence that you will develop as you cultivate your erotic superpowers. When you know deep in your bones that you can sexually satisfy any woman, it completely changes how you show up in the world. It ends all forms of ‘approach anxiety’, and it even changes how you show up on the job.

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