12 – Subconscious Communication 2. Combo Moves

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See if you can follow the combo move I demonstrate. It goes from 1:50 – 3:09

He starts with grasping her hair from the base of the neck —> light holding of her neck with the thumb guiding her by the chin —> light grazing of cheek against cheek —> light breath into the ear —> soft sounds into her ear —> low growls (tapping that primal, animalistic energy) —> bite her ear —> pulling her around and close via her neck (always supported) —> in close for some eye gazing —> holding gaze while hand to heart —> then fingers grazing pulling her hair back behind her ear —> Finally, a verbal check-in to make sure she’s still a big yes to what’s going on.

Also at 2:10: Notice the expression on my face. I too am intoxicated from the experience. Done right, this is not just ‘for her’, but the very real pleasure that you can experience in the process, as well.

Notice the affect this is having on her.

On March 22, 2016, I posted to Facebook:
“There is a kind of sex that she is longing for that seems elusive. While you may fantasize about fucking her anally, your favorite porn position, or coming across her tits, she fantasizes about overwhelming passion, feeling ravenously desired, having her soul penetrated by a man’s gaze, being touched by expert hands that seem to know her body better than she knows it herself. Her heart melting and her pussy on fire. She fantasizes about getting so turned on in every cell of her body that she explodes into the most powerful orgasm she’s ever had the moment she is penetrated with that very first thrust.”
-Excerpt from the unfinished draft of “The Evolved Lover”, by Destin Gerek

As of this writing, there have been almost 400 Reactions, 100 comments, and 25 shares. The majority of comments being from women saying some version of:

– “yes! yes! yes!!”
– I will add… trust… and rolling orgasm that last minutes… then repeat over and over again. Thank you for understanding us!
– This is awesome
– ….please, keep teaching…

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