08 – She Wants a Commitment. Navigating Emotions

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Of course, you *could* just allow yourself to fall in love, as well!
Playing in this manner may very well open you up emotionally, as well. You may feel deeper connection that you are used to. In which case, I say: Go for it! Love may not always be easy. It is vulnerable and unpredictable. And, it is powerful and life-altering.

My major point here, is stand in your truth. Too many men feel like they have to lie, and just say the things that he thinks she wants to here. This is what creates so many unnecessary problems. The more solid you are in yourself and your truth, open in your heart and generous in your spirit, the more she will accept and appreciate your truth regardless of what it is.

Be of value to her and her life in such a way that will have her choose to continue things with you because it is the best choice for the continued development of her own being, spirit, and life.

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