13 – Pleasure All of Her. The Secret Sensual Spot

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“The slower, the longer the more, revs me up to the point where the only thing I want to do is worship your cock”.
If that’s not a good incentive, than I don’t know what is. 
Remember that there is more than just her breasts, pussy, and ass. As pleasurable as they can be (for you both), as she says, it can get boring if that’s all you do. Explore and devour her whole body. Every square millimeter of her body has pleasure potential. Explore it all.
The area behind her ear tends to be particularly erogenous, as is the SCM (Sternocleidomastoid muscle). 
You may notice that I have particular vampire predilections. I play with biting and necks quite a bit. Keep in mind, these are my games and my expression. I’ve been exploring my inner vampire since I was 12. Ultimately, this isn’t about you learning to be me, but rather to learn how to be more authentically and fully expressed You.
Enticing desire: Focusing on drawing out her want, her desire, so that she is deeply craving the next step before you give it to her. 
Playing with breath, lips, tongue, teeth. Varying levels of pressure and depth. 
Often, Less is more. 
Though sometimes, more is more.
Explore, and remember, each woman is different.
At 8:49, Phoenix mentions it making her cold. This type of sensation can cause goosebumps all over the body. 
Give her the feeling of your inner animal, while also an experience that she is still safe. A powerful combination.
Take note of how she is so overwhelmed with pleasure in her body that she loses her ability to think straight. At 11:10 she explains it well.
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