27 – Last Words

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This program covers a lot. And I get that some of it can be confronting. I get it, there’s a lot to integrate. Get out there and just put something into action. Test things out. What’s the response like? As you get more positive response, test out more pieces of what you’ve learned.

Remember, this is not about watching some videos and reading some text. It isabout putting these things into practice, and integrating them into your being.

We are hard at work developing more programs and courses, and we’d love your feedback. What did you love? What did you hate? What did you want more of? What triggered you? What gave you a sudden A HA!

And, when it comes to sex, masculinity, or women, what would you like for us to cover next? How can we best help YOU?

Lastly, if you are ready to truly dive into the deep end and join a high caliber community of men investing real time, energy, and resources into becoming the best man that you can be, The Evolved Masculine Path is your next step!

The Evolved Masculine Path:

Fill out the brief form on that page and I’ll give you a call personally, for a brief 15-minute consultation to explore whether you are a good fit for The Evolved Masculine Path.

I thank you for this opportunity to serve you on your path.
Perhaps one day we will connect in person.

In service,
Destin Gerek

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