19 – Introduction to Subtle Energy

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If you are skeptical when you hear someone talk about ‘energy’, trust me, so was I!
I don’t expect you to believe anything that I say simply because I say it. And I get that a lot of what I present in Erotic Superpowers is way outside of what our larger cultures tell us is possible. This is why I asked Phoenix to be a part of this video training with me. I knew it was important for you to really see this in action. To see the impact that relating to sexual energy in this way can have. And hopefully, it is enough to get you to at least want to test these things out. To suspend any disbelief and open your mind to new possibilities.

With that said, try out these very basic exercises to get a tangible experience of what energy can feel like in your body.

Ultimately, this is much like bringing two magnets together. Even though you cannot physically see it, there is an invisible force attracting the two magnets together (or repelling them depending on how they face). Just as you can feel that, simply by focusing your attention over time, you can develop your sensitivity to feeling these subtle energies in your body as well as in someone else’s body.

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