10 – Integrity. How to Have the Good Sex

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Back up your words with what you do. Back up what you do with your words.
The power of integrity. Highly underrated. Become a man of integrity and experience greater sex and success in the world.

If you’ve ever had the thought: ‘I don’t understand why women can be such cold bitches. I didn’t do anything to her!’, listen to Phoenix speak candidly about her own experiences and what causes her to react negatively sometimes even to the ‘good guys’.

Once again men, cultivate your strong sense of self. Your sense of internal validation. Meaning that your sense of ok-ness, acceptance, and being enough, come from within. So long as you are seeking for her to validate your existence, you are going to create experiences that don’t work for either one of you.

Remember, there is no rush. How much juice can you squeeze out of each moment’s experience?

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