25 – How Do I Approach Her & Do Women Have It Easy

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One of my intentions with this program is to give you insight into a woman’s experience of men, sex, and the world. Phoenix’s description here extends to many, many other women, as well. The more that you can truly grasp a woman’s world, the greater your ability to truly connect with her in a way that works for you both.

Both men and women face significant challenges today in figuring out how to best relate with one another. I believe that too much of what passes as ‘informational’ or ‘educational’ content in these areas do more to create separation between us than they do to really help us understand, empathize, and have compassion for one another.

As perhaps you’ve picked up on through this series, I have had tremendous success with women, and I did so from a place of integrity, care, and connection. Therefore, I know that you can, as well.
If you are a man who desexualizes himself and tries to ‘nice’ his way into her life with the hope that she’ll realize what a good guy you are and want to be with you… Listen to what she says at 4:58 and let it be a wake up call.

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