06 – Feeling into Subtleties. Energy Work

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Let’s do a couple of simple, yet effective exercises to get a felt sense of energy in your body. Be sure to do these exercises along with the video, or seriously, there’s no point. f you don’t normally feel energy, this is your chance. And if you are already familiar with feeling energy, well, these games are always fun.

If you don’t feel much of anything, just do it again. Keep playing with it until you do. And bring your focus to whatever you *do* feel, rather than what you don’t. The more attention you give it, the easier it will be to feel, and the more powerful it will be.

The flow of energy in your body has its own pulse. What does yours feel like?

Deepening your awareness of the subtleties in your own body will help you deepen your awareness of the subtleties in hers.

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