16 – Explore to Find Her Boundaries. Seduction the Way She Wants

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Not every touch has to be overtly sexual. 
Boundaries sometimes get a bad rap. 
Explore her boundaries. Play like you are a detective trying to uncover where her boundaries are. You do not always need to be trying to figure out how to get past her boundaries. If you do too much of that, you are more likely to put her on the defensive, which causes her to close up or shut down. 
Instead, you can find her boundaries through exploring her and listening to her body, beyond just her words. Amplify the pleasure that she can experience within the boundaries that she sets, so that she becomes curious what it would be like on the other side of the boundary she set, and therefore moves that boundary herself. 
Phoenix quotes: 
“Because you make it so enticing, and you aren’t worried about the boundary, it makes me want to know what is beyond the boundary. It’s just so inviting. I want to break down the boundary. “
“I don’t know how you do it. It’s definitely a superpower!”
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