17 – Erotic Superpower Combo

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As much as I focus a lot on slowing down, and tuning into subtleties and nuance, it is not to say that everything is to be soft and slow all of the time. It is a lot easier to bring that level of awareness to faster and more intense when you have cultivated while soft and slow. Try to follow this next erotic superpower combo.
Grabbed her from the small of her back —> Hand slid up from the base of her neck —> grasping around her neck (watch her facial expressions for feedback) —> Forehead to forehead in a ‘third-eye kiss’ —> brought lips within an inch of touching, just to create the thought and desire of the kiss without yet kissing —> back to the third eye kiss —> back to the energetic, non-touching kiss —> letting out a little sound expressing my pleasure and desire —> tilting her head backwards inducing a feeling of greater surrender —> a little growl —> eye-gaze while guiding her head and face —> drawing back by bringing her hand up to my mouth to give it a light kiss  —> a light graze of my hand down her arm while interlacing our fingers —> Another graze of my fingers up the inside of her forearm now (more sensitive) —>  coming back into that eye gaze. 
All in under one minute, and while I held the dominant frame and guided the experience every step of the way.
Every one of these ‘moves’ can be a pleasurable experience in its own right. Play with each of them separately, until you can seamlessly weave them together without needing to think about it at all.
Notice, how on the surface, it seems that she is so surrendered to my guidance, yet even still, I can feel slight resistance and guardedness. Also note that it doesn’t bother me at all. It isn’t a judgement of my value or worth, it is simply feedback. Simply read it as a sign to create even greater safety for that openness to take place.
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